Best quiz chalange experience ever avaible on iOs

What is that?

Quizia is all about question and answers.

Houndrets of questions from every category, in two languages (english and polish), are waiting to check Your overall knowlage.

Large and still growing database of questions, offering hours of fun, for everyone.


Do I need a special device?

Quizia support every iOS device. That's because we love Apple products.

Dasn't metter that You have iPhone, iPad or iPod. If it works under iOS, then Quizia is right for You.


It's up to You what category of question would You like to play.

We are working hard to produce tons of questions - all You need is to synchronize with our database using menu option.

What do I get?

Each time when You select wrong answer, we will show correct one and You learn a lot of new interesting things.

Questions are grouped by level of difficult. Easier goes first, then harder one.


Use helpers

Need help with some question? It's not a problem anymore! You got helpers.

50 over 50
If You are not sure, use it, to erase 2 random incorect answers.
Calculating chance according to difficult of question.
You have no idea what's the correct answer? Change question.

Like competition?

Chalange Your friends. Get best result and compare with Your friends in Apple Game center. More games You play, higher position in overall ranking You have. Simple.

Quizia support Game Center

What do You need

Quizia don't require internet connection to work.

You can play it anywhere You want!

All You need is any iOs device.

Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad

Quizia iTunes